Intellectual Property

Intellectual property related with mind creations: inventions, literary and artistic works, as well as symbols, names, and images used in commerce

Asset shielding

Promark is the creator of the Shield Trademarks Protections that consist in the protection of a brand in all related classes of a company

Value Generation

We create strategies of Shield Trademarks Protections to generate value through intangible intellectual property of a company

Notices and tips

International trademark registration

In Mexico, The Mexican Institute of industrial Property (MIIP) is the entity uncharged of study, evaluate and give the Trademark Registration Title. The MIIP exclusively examine Mexican trademarks.

New trademark system enters into force

It is well known that Mexico is one of the few countries whose Industrial Property Law does not contain provisions concerning opposition rights during the Trademark application procedure.

How to know if a product infringes a patent?

Many Spanish companies asked if one of their products infringes a third patent. It is common to see in the catalogs of foreign competition that their products are patented and consequently one decides not to manufacture such products.