International trademark registration

In Mexico, The Mexican Institute of industrial Property (MIIP) is the entity uncharged of study, evaluate and give the Trademark Registration Title. The MIIP exclusively examine Mexican trademarks, and these trademarks are only recognized by the Title Registration, and by the principle of territoriality.

Therefore, in order for the Trademark Registration has all its effects outside the Mexican territory, and can be used in different countries, it is necessary to register the trademark in those countries.

Through the MIIP it is possible to carry out the international trademark registration, thanks to one of its various modalities, supported by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), using the procedure known as the Madrid Protocol, an agreement of which Mexico is part.

New trademark system enters into force

It is well known that Mexico is one of the few countries whose Industrial Property Law does not contain provisions concerning opposition rights during the Trademark application procedure.

During the common procedure that an application in Mexico has to pass, there is no stage during which a third party, who considers that their rights are being affected by the granting of such registration, can present legal arguments to dismiss the grant of the same.

In that sense, recently, a proposal to modify the Industrial Property Law was published in the Senate of the Republic Official Gazette, that contain modifications in relation to the inclusion of provisions on the right of opposition that have third parties during the procedure of request for trademark registrations. These documents have not yet been approved by the Union Congress, but will be adopted within the following months.

How to know if a product infringes a patent?

Many Spanish companies wondering if any of the products they manufacture infringes a patent from a third party. It is common to see in the catalogs of foreign competition that their products are patented and consequently one decides not to manufacture such products. This conclusion in numerous occasions is not correct. A product may be patented in a particular country and not in Spain. It may be only one piece of the product is patented and not the product itself. Each case is different and to arrive at a correct conclusion you have to consult with a professional patent. A good industrial property agent, such as Promark, who specializes in patent processing and defense, can with small study offer crucial information to make the right decision. If you want to know if a product infringes a patent simply ask the right person.

Hablemos de patentes

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