We concern and work for protecting intangible assets of business and individuals.

Our essence

Our scope includes those who possess individual and indefinite value brands registers, patents and the field of intellectual property, all these with national and international protection.

Our services are directed to the micro, small and medium companies as well as large companies, since these are the first ones which need a boost to generate more and better entrepreneurs in our country and who have confidence in their projects and innovations. 

Promark©, seeks to strengthen ideas, which are revealed in any field since it is important to emphasize that there are always projects and innovations that seek a space for their recognition.


More than 18 years of experience and our main objective is to serve our clients with professionalism and commitment, contributing to the growth and development of our country as well as its ideas.

Thus, we dedicate ourselves day to day to make ideas with unique value, that provide the companies and people, that trust in their ideals, a protection and an added value of medium to long term, generating more opportunities of growing in their environment.